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Winsa started the production and sale of PVC Window, Door and Shutter Systems in 1998.

Winsa-brand products are produced under great care and professionalism at our 40.000 m2 plant in Kocaeli/Sarımeşe, 34.000 m2 of which consists of closed area, which is equipped with the latest technology.

All production processes from the arrival of raw material to delivery are tested through quality methods at international standards and are checked by specialised teams.

Structuring its investments with the objective of creating a better environment, more nature-friendly products, more innovative designs and high-quality and durable products providing high efficiency, our brand continuously offers its customers many industry-leader new products and applications.

With more than 250 dealers and over 500 sales points, Winsa PVC Window, Door and Shutter Systems ensures that our customers are able to reach us from everywhere in Turkey. Winsa PVC Window, Door and Shutter Systems’ conspicuous showroom structure, which is in keeping with its corporate identity, our dealers’ genial and high-quality service and its structure that is not only sales-oriented but also successful in post-sales services are only a few of the most important characteristics that set us apart from our competitors.

Products and systems responding to all kinds of expectations of the end-consumers are offered under Winsa PVC Window, Door and Shutter Systems. There are 8 different series, namely Winsa Dorado Gold, Dorado, Safir, Carina, Vela, Panorama HS 76 (Hebeschiebe), Winstor (Shutter) and Winkepenk. It has proven that it is an innovative and leading brand in the industry by combining over 150 profile models offering system solutions, such as Shield (aluminium cover), folding door, parallel slide, pivot window and inward-outward opening PVC fly net that can be applied to the Dorado Gold and Dorado series, 15 colour options, the importance placed in quality with Winsa-brand and imported equipment options for all kinds of solution, the quality of which is recognised by the world, and its approach towards post-sales customer services.

Since the day it was founded, Winsa PVC Window, Door and Shutter Systems has been complying with international standards, EN, RAL and TSE norms in the production of all series and the profiles constituting these series while carrying out all pre-production, production and after-sales organisations in keeping with quality standards, and proves its strength in terms of quality through the numerous quality certificates it has obtained.

While it is true in business life that businesses exist in order to make a profit, companies that create value while fulfilling this objective, that make a contribution to their industries and the development of their communities and that never make concessions from certain basic values and principles with respect to customer satisfaction will be permanent. As the Winsa brand, this is our basic belief and objective.

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