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Pimas was established in 1963 to manufacture PVC pipes.
After the launch of R&D activities at the end of the 70’s, PIMAS introduced in 1982 the first PVC Window System in Turkey: PIMAPEN.
With its superior isolation feature, Pimapen introduced a solution for the energy problem, offered users a brand-new comfort and therefore excluded negative weather conditions. It had a long life span and due to lack of any dyeing or maintenance requirements, it was also economical.
PİMAŞ, which manufactured windows until 1988, grew rapidly with its manufacturer and vendor dealer network and with sub industries, it created a giant sector that employed tens of thousands. Pimaş drew new investments into the sector with its all institutions & operations and created a new sector that is called the "Pen Sector" that employed more than 100.000 people and which aspired from the name "Pimapen".
DECEUNINCK NV, which gained expertize on subjects of compound, design, development, extrusion, finishing and recycling, purchased the shares of PİMAŞ from Enka Holding in 2014, united its powers therewith and became Turkey's giant in the Sector. With its highly prevalent dealer network, Pimapen continues to provide service to all corners of Turkey.

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