Ege Profil Kurumsal
Institutional / Management Systems Policy

Ege Profil Tic. ve San. A.Ş. hereby undertakes that during the conduct of its activities, it shall comply with the legal stipulations and standards in effect, and shall continuously develop and advances the Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety, Energy and Information Security Systems

    Our targets are as follows;
  • Maximizing the customer satisfaction for our products and services;
  • Measuring the performance of our processes, using "Lean Production" techniques and therefore improving our business results;
  • Training our employees with a contributive management concept and implementing a leadership policy that appreciates and ensures awareness;
  • Undertaking a responsibility for a sustainable future by implementing the "Business Perfectness" model with high rigor and professionalism at all processes from the supply phase until delivery to the customer;
  • Conducting studies that will minimize natural resource consumption and waste generation;
  • To minimize risks and evaluate opportunities pursuant to risk assessments on our activities and information assets;
  • Supporting design activities that will improve our energy performance by purchasing energy-efficient products & services;
  • To initiate and implement corrective actions that will prevent the occurrence of environment and work accidents as well as energy losses;
  • Ceaselessly continuing our business activities and ensuring information security for all our information assets;
  • Closely following-up technology, manufacturing quality & innovative products and always becoming the pioneering company in the sector.
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