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Institutional / Vision, Mission, and Strategic Targets

Our Mission Declaration

For a sustainable future,

Why? Our Main Goal;

Innovative and Leading

Our goal is to produce innovative products with support from our know-how and our specialist staff, and increase the comfort of your life. We work intensively to protect your places and beloved ones from the negative impacts of the external conditions, closely follow-up technological developments and offer you new products. Since production, installation and maintenance of our systems are simple, all our products are produced with the purpose of meeting your needs at the maximum level, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.


Our goal is to support our customers in order to utilize energy in the most efficient manner in the construction of buildings. Thus, all our products ensure maximum insulation, have a long life, and require low maintenance. In order not to damage the environment, our products are produced such that they leave minimum ecologic traces, using minimum amount of energy, and with a recyclable structure.


Our goal is to assist you to make your places better and to reflect your own architectural style with our various designs. Our products have a timeless design to meet your expectations, with their large palette of natural colors and their unique surface quality with natural textures.

Employees and Customers

We have established a positive, honest and sincere working environment with our employees and all customers. Thus, we are able to create long-term business collaborations, which ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We place emphasis on quality, safety and environment, and work in a team spirit.

How? Core Values


We always tell the truth as it is, and act clearly and sincerely throughout the communication process.
We always provide direct and positive feedback to our collaborators.
We act in a team spirit with our employees and business partners.
While taking the corrective and preventive precautions, we state the mistakes open-heartedly, and defend what is right.
What we think and what we speak are the same. This is our freedom.

High Performance

Our performance is regularly measured by our employees, customers, the society and our shareholders.
With our passion to achieve perfection, we strive for continuous improvement in all our business processes, and progress successfully without deviation from our main goals, values and vision.
We do as what we say, we share what we do; this is our perception of responsibility and discipline.
Our priorities while targeting high performance: Human, Environment, Quality, Service and Profit. (HEQSP)
Profit is necessary for an entity to be continuous.
We strive to improve performance in all stages of our business, from production to after-sales services.


We are open to the world and any ideas.
We see and benefit from opportunities.
We create an environment of trust for taking initiatives, we foresee risks, and successfully manage all processes by taking initiatives.
We embrace the business as our own business.
We respect the decisions of all our employees, encourage them to assume responsibilities, and then recognize them.

What? Our Passion

Our Culture

As a result of our company culture, all our employees and business partners are proud to work together. They continue their activities under the principles of honesty, high performance and entrepreneurship principles.

Long-Life, Environment Friendly Products

We work to produce high-insulation, long-life, quality, durable and recyclable products.

Sector Leadership

Our Company is one of the leading companies in its sector. It is among the first three with its high market share. This success is fueled by high performance in quality and service, as well as customer relations based on mutual trust.

Strong Financial Structure

Our Company has a sustainable and strong financial structure. We turn all our activities into financial goals and successfully achieve our goals.

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