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Institutional / Information Policy

Our company’s information  policy aims to inform the shareholders, capital market participants and the public  about the past performance and future expectations of our Company, to the extent allowed by the dynamics of the sector of activity, as well as its vision, excluding  information that are of trade secret nature, in a manner that is in compliance with the generally accepted accounting principles and the Capital Market Provisions, complete, fair, accurate, timely and clear.

Regarding public disclosure, the Company acts in compliance with the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC), the Capital Market Legislations, as well as the regulations stipulated by the Capital Market Board (CMB) and the İstanbul Stock Exchange (ISE); and provides utmost diligence in the adoption of the CMB Corporate Governance Principles, to the extent allowed by its sector of activity. This policy herein governs the COMPANY’s written and oral communication with its shareholders, stakeholders and the capital market participants.

The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the establishment, follow-up, reviewing and improvement of the Information policy.

Public Disclosure Methods and Tools

The following public disclosure methods and tools are utilized by the Company, with the Capital Market Regulations and TCC provisions reserved;
  • Material disclosures submitted to the ISE through the Public Disclosure Platform (PDP),
  • The Central Registry Agency (CRA) “e-YÖNET: Corporate Governance and Investor Relations Portal”,
  • Financial statements and the related notes on the accounts, independent audit reports and declarations submitted to the ISE through the PDP,
  • Annual reports,
  • Corporate Web site { }
  • Announcements and notifications made through the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette and the daily newspapers,
  • Press releases made through the written and visual media,
  • Information and discussion meetings with the Capital Market Participants, conducted face to face or via teleconferencing,
  • Communication methods and tools such as telephone, electronic mail, facsimile, etc.

Persons Authorized to Make Public Disclosures

Aside from the abovementioned written disclosures, persons authorized to make disclosures related to requested information, and their level of authority, are determined based on the level of the requested information.

Any questions or explanations regarding the Company may be responded to orally or in writing by the persons appointed by the Chairman and Members of the Board of Directors, Members of the Supervisory Board, General Manager and the Finance Department.

Employees other than the mentioned persons shall not be entitled to respond to written and/or oral inquiries from the capital market participants.

Material Disclosures to the Public

Material disclosures shall be prepared by the official appointed by the Finance Department, subsequently submitted to the ISE through the PDP with the electronic signature of two of the officials, and announced to the public via the COMPANY Web site.

Material disclosures shall be prepared in a timely, accurate and clear manner, and containing no misleading information, in order to assist the decision processes of the persons and institutions to make use of such disclosures.

In cases where the Company employees find out that a previously non-disclosed confidential information was unintentionally disclosed  to the public , they shall promptly inform the persons appointed by the Finance Department of such situation. In such a case, a material disclosure shall be prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Capital Market Legislations, and submitted to the ISE through the PDP.
Disclosure of Financial Statements to the Public

The Company’s interim and annual financial statements are prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards, within the context of the provisions stipulated by the  Capital Market Board. The financial statements are independently audited for the periods specified by the legislations, approved by the Auditing Committee within the context of the Capital Market legislations, and then submitted to the ISE through the PDP, along with the responsibility declaration confirming the accuracy of such financial statements.

Interim and annual financial statements of the past periods are made available on the Company’s Web site.

Corporate Internet Site

Our corporate Internet site is Visitors of our Web site shall automatically be directed to the and sites. The Web site contains information on the products of our brands, Egepen Deceuninck and Winsa, as well as our dealers and services. The link to the site provides information on the Deceuninck Group, that we operate under.

The Company Internet site shall also include the information specified in the TCC and Capital Market Board Corporate Governance Principles, and any changes thereof shall be updated on the Web site.

The General Assembly meeting announcements, the agenda items, informative document related to the agenda items, other information, documents and reports related to the agenda items, as well as General Assembly participation procedures shall be made available on the Web site, in an easily accessible manner.

Announcements on the Company Internet site shall not substitute the announcements and material disclosures mandatory as per the Capital Market legislations.

All precautions shall be taken regarding the security of the Company Web site, and improvement studies shall be performed continuously.

Publicly disclosed past and current information can be easily accessed on the Company Web site. Public disclosures are published in both Turkish and/or English.

General Assembly Meetings

Financial statements and reports (including the annual report), dividend distribution proposals, selection of the independent audit firm, policies to be established as per the CML, other documents that provide basis for the agenda items, the most updated version of the Articles of Incorporation, and if any amendments shall be made thereof, the text of amendment shall be made available on the Company Web site for reviewing by the shareholders, in an easily accessible manner. The general assembly agenda items are stated clearly, in a manner to prevent different interpretations.

Annual Report

Contents of the Annual Report are prepared in accordance with the TCC , Capital Market Legislations, and the CMB Corporate Governance Principles. The Annual Report is presented to the shareholders in the General Assembly meeting, following the Board of Directors approval, and published on the Web site.

Announcements and Notifications Made through the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette and the Daily Newspapers

As per the Capital Market Law, TCC and the Company’s Articles of Incorporation, announcements related to the General Assembly, amendments on the articles of incorporation, capital increases and dividend distribution are made through both the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette and the daily newspapers.

Disclosures to the Media

Press Meetings on any topic and/or announcements through Press Releases are subject to the instructions of the General Manager. Approval of the Board of Directors is sought for important situations.

The Press Meeting to be organized and/or the Press Release shall be announced to the media institutions by the Corporate Communication Department.

Determination of persons with administrative responsibilities, and preparation of the list of persons having access to insider information

Persons with administrative responsibilities include the members of the Company’s management and supervisory bodies, as well as persons who are not members of such bodies, but have access to insider information related to the Company, and persons closely related to such persons.

The list of persons having access to insider information are electronically submitted to the institution that we have given the power of attorney to perform our transactions by the Central Registry Agency, and printed copies of such lists are electronically stored in the Company.

Postponement of the public disclosure of insider information

Insider information is defined as the information that are not publicly disclosed, which may affect the value of the publicly traded securities, and the investment decisions of the investors holding or have acquired such securities.

Postponement of the public disclosure of insider information in order to prevent damage to legal rights and interest is under the authority of the Board of Directors and/or the General Manager. Employees who have access to such information shall be responsible to ensure confidentiality thereof. Precautions to ensure confidentiality shall be taken by the General Manager’s office, and the information shall be disclosed immediately following the ending of the reasons for the postponement.

Precautions to ensure confidentiality of the insider information until public disclosure

The Company places utmost emphasis on the fact that its employees comply with the rules regarding the use of confidential information.

The Company employees protect the confidentiality of the information they obtain during their employment in the Company, that are considered as trade secrets of the Company, and do not make use of such information, directly or indirectly, both during and after their employment.
Communication with the Capital Market Participants

No special department is established within the Company for the relations with shareholders. Such relations are maintained by persons appointed by the Finance Department.

Since information requests and inquiries by shareholders are not frequent, an individual department is not established for shareholder relations.

Procedures regarding News Published in the Media
Monitoring Mechanism

The Internet, as well as the written and visual media is monitored daily through a media monitoring agency. Moreover, news related to the Company are monitored through other data publishing channels subscribed to. Content of the news regarding the Company are assessed by the General Director’s office, and a Material Disclosure is made if deemed necessary.
Insubstantial News in the Market

By principle, the Company does not make any comments on the market rumors and speculations related to itself. However, in case of a verification request from the CMB and/or the ISE as per the Capital Market legislations, or the Company management deems the provision of a comment necessary and appropriate, an explanation shall be given regarding the rumors in the market.

Announcements about the Future

Announcements regarding the future expectations may only be made if deemed necessary within the context of the Company information Policy, upon approval of the Board of Directors and/or the General Manager, and only by the persons authorized to make public announcements.


This information policy has been put into effect as of being presented to the information of the Company General Assembly. In cases where amendments to the information policy is necessary, such amendments shall be presented to the General Assembly upon approval by the Board of Directors, and then publicly announced.
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