Ege Profil İnsan Kaynakları
Human Resources / Ethical Rules

The Corporate Code of Conduct in effect in all the companies that our partner Deceuninck NV is a shareholder of, was announced to the employees of our Company in 2004, and all new employees sign this document during the employment process. The purpose of the Corporate Code of Conduct is to declare our commitment to high ethic standards, and reinforce the immediate and consistent acts to maintain such standards. All employees undertake to comply with high ethic and social behavior standards, as per the content and spirit of such document.


You and your ideas create value and success for the Company. We should value and respect each individual employee’s own character and contribution.


We encourage diversity among our employees. Diversity of individuals and ideas is a commercial advantage for the Company.

Equal Opportunities

Diversity based on age, race, religion, gender, physical disability, nationality, sexual preference, veteranship or another legally protected condition is not allowed against any of our employees or other persons we conduct business with.

Harassment and Violence at the Workplace

Harassment and violence at the workplace is strictly prohibited and shall not be tolerated. Harassment in the workplace include behavior, such as unwanted intimacy or sexual requests, inappropriate words, jokes, intimidation, bullying or physical contact, that would result in undesirable or disturbing situations or a hostile working environment.

Safety and Health

We undertake to create a safe and healthy workplace, and to care about the company and the environment. Each one of us is responsible to comply with the health and safety rules applicable in our Company. Each one of us is responsible to take the precautions necessary to protect ourselves and our colleagues from accidents, injuries and unsafe situations. Moreover, we are obliged to report conditions that pose threat to health and safety immediately, and take the steps necessary to overcome such conditions.

Alcohol/Drug Consumption

We undertake a create a workplace free of drug consumption. Working under the influence of alcohol and drugs jeopardizes ourselves and the others. It is strictly prohibited to consume, keep, and distribute non-allowed drugs and alcohol during the Company’s working hours or within the Company’s premises. The management may allow alcohol consumption exceptionally on special occasions. The employees are encouraged to receive treatment for alcohol or drug addiction.


Ege Profil Tic. ve San. A.Ş. shall not be paid wages that are under the legal or sectoral minimum wages.

Human Rights

Ege Profil Tic. ve San. A.Ş. undertakes to protect human rights all over the world. The Company therefore implements the following standards:

  • Provides equal opportunities to all of its employees, regardless of age, race, religion, gender, physical disability, nationality, sexual preference, veteranship or other legally protected conditions.

  • Ensures a safe and healthy workplace where human health and environment are protected.

  • Does not pay employees wages that are under the legal or sectoral minimum wages. Creates opportunities for employees to improve their skills and competences.

  • Neither employs children, nor support utilization of child labor. Child labor is defined as persons below the minimum age allowed as per the laws issued by the relevant authorities. Ege Profil A.Ş. does not intentionally employ any persons under the age of 16.

  • The Company enters into employment agreements with its employees completely on a voluntary basis. The Company does not force anybody, directly or indirectly, to work for itself, and does not support forced labor.

Information Technology Resources

Ege Profil Tic. ve San. A.Ş. utilizes information technology resources ethically and in a responsible manner. Access to unethical information (web sites with pornographic, violent, racist, etc. content) is strictly prohibited.


Conflict of Interest

Commercial decisions taken or activities performed on behalf of the Company should never be influenced by personal opinions or relations. Company property and information, as well as positions within the Company should not be used to obtain personal or familial benefits. Conflicts of interest may arise when we get involved in business relationships with our family members or close friends, within or outside the Company, or when one of us or members of our families have a direct or indirect personal or financial benefits related to any such business activities. The same situation may arise when our external interests affect our capacity to perform our jobs the way the Company expects us to. We should never attempt to get involved in a business activity that would compete with the Company, or acquire assets that may potentially benefit the Company, before offering such opportunity to the Company.



Protection of the environment is the right choice, and is a part of our corporate strategy. We undertake to each other that we shall care for the company and the environment. We strive to reduce waste material, emission, and material released to the environment in all our activities. We use, process, transport and dispose of all raw material, products and wastes in a safe manner. Additionally, we help others to understand their environmental responsibility they take by using our products. We strive to permanently improve our environmental practices with the governmental organizations, contractors and the societies. Our commitment for the environment is a responsibility shared by everyone. Nobody can propose that this is the responsibility of others.


External Commercial Activities

We should be honest to our vendors and contractors. We believe in conducting business activities with persons who adopt and show high standards in their commercial activities. We would not prefer vendors who have violated the laws in the past, including environmental, labor and safety laws.


Legal behavior standards are the minimum behavior level acceptable for us. In other words, we should abide by the laws, but we target a higher standard. Spirit of our corporate code of conduct aids us all in special circumstances.

Thus, we should try to understand the goals and spirit of our corporate code of conduct, and we should contact the relevant officials when we are in doubt about our preference of action.

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