Ege Profil Investor Relations
Investor Relations / Profit Distribution Policy

The Company complies with the regulations of the Turkish Commercial Code and Capital Markets legislation.


The net profit amount appearing in the annual balance sheet prepared in compliance with Capital Markets legislation, calculated by deduction of the Company’s general expenses, amounts that are mandatory to be paid or reserved by the Company (such as depreciation) and taxes to be paid by the legal entity of the Company from the revenues calculated as of the year end shall respectively be distributed as stated below, following deduction of previous years’ losses, if any.


General legal reserve:


a) 5% shall be allocated as the general legal reserve


First Dividend


b) First dividend shall be reserved from the amount which will be found by addition of the donation amount made within the year if any, in a rate and amount determined by the general assembly pursuant to Turkish Commercial Code and Capital Markets legislation.


c) Following the above mentioned deductions, general assembly is authorised to decide to distribute profit to board members and employers officials and servants.


Second Dividend


d) The General Assembly shall be entitled to distribute the net profit remaining after deduction of the amounts stated in paragraphs a, b and c as second dividend shares or remain within the budget as term end profit share, to add to the legal reserve or discretionary reserve or reserve such amount as extraordinary reserve.


e) 1/10 (one tenth) of the amount after 5% of profit is deducted from the amount determined to be distributed to the shareholders and other persons who participate to the profit is added to the legal reserve pursuant to relevant articles of Turkish Commercial Code.


f) Unless the contingency reserves required by the statutory provision to be allocated are reserved, first dividend determined to be given to the shareholders are distributed whether in cash and/or shares, it is not possible to decide to create additional contingency reserves, transfer of profit to the following year and distribute profit to the company’s board of directors, officers and workers in profit distribution.


g) Profit share is distributed equally to the all of the shares on the day of distribution regardless of issuance and acquisition dates of those.


The way of distribution of the profit resolved to be distributed is determined by the general assembly upon proposal of the board of directors.


Pursuant to Capital Markets Law provisions, advance dividend may be distributed.


Dividend distribution is made in compliance with Capital Markets legislation provisions.

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