The prominent materials in window manufacture are wood, aluminium and PVC. While providing the best results in terms of insulation, wood is not in high demand due to requiring constant maintenance, its tendency to deformation and its high cost. Ege Profil Why PVC? Aluminium, on the other hand, although having high durability, is not very advantageous due to its low insulation values and high cost...
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We, as Ege Profil Tic.ve San. A.Ş, completed the studies, of which all European countries are liable to complete by the year 2015, before them on the basis of our environmental consciousness and aimed to leave a clean environment for our children as soon as possible. Ege Profil Çevre DostuTherefore we took actions for the environment in 2004 with 100% recyclable TPE seals and completed the circle by ...
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